5 Common Warning Signs That Indicate Your Pet Is Not Well

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Posted on September 28, 2021 at 12:49 pm

Your furry friend is definitely a part of your family? Isn’t it? When they lick over your face out of sheer happiness or nibble at your toes to welcome you when you are back home after a long day – you do feel their powerful love! But, when you see them remain inactive for long hours, sneezes or drools repeatedly or refrains from eating food at all, then these are a few warning signs that state they are not keeping healthy. In such cases, seeking medical help is certainly the best thing to do, and one should not take such situations lightly.

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5 Warning signs that state your pet is unhealthy and need to be taken to the vet immediately:

  1. Drooping eyes – When your pet is healthy, you will see his eyes will have no signs of redness, eye discharge or drooping eye lids. But, if you come across these signs, make sure to take your pet to the vet and get the check-up done right away. According to pet experts, diseases can increasingly affect and lead to poor vision or blindness in pets.
  1. Refrains to eat – If your pet refrains to eat for a day or two, chances are there could be something not right with its health and you need to take the dog for an examination. On the other hand, it is completely okay for your pet to skip a meal or two when the weather is hot outside, but anything beyond that clearly states that it is not keeping well.
  1. Dry and rough coat – Your pet’s coat should be soft and shiny all the time. But, if you feel that your pet is shedding a lot of fur and you can see the skin beneath the fur, then there could be an underlying issue that needs to be examined right away.
  1. Drools and remain inactive – If you see that your pet is constantly drooling or vomits a number of times, and/or remains lethargic and moves around sluggishly, chances are there could be something more severe. Sore muscles and fatigue seem to be normal during high temperatures, but anything that questions their health is of great concern and one needs to take them to the vet immediately.
  1. Sudden weight loss and unusual stool – Sudden weight loss in overweight or small dogs is certainly a matter of concern. According to pet experts, unusual weight loss indicates a serious health condition and one should consult a vet without a second thought.

If you ever come across any kind of emergency situation such as if you’re pet becomes unconscious, repeatedly vomits blood, or collapses suddenly, then you need to consult a reputed and experienced veterinarian immediately. You can even take your pets to a good animal care hospital in Regina, get them a thorough health check-up and vaccinated, to ensure they remain safe and healthy all the time. Pet experts advise pet owners to follow the regular dental care and hygiene routine. Besides this, it is also important to pay attention to the dog vaccination routine so that you do not skip any dose and risk the life of your furry friend.

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