How To Introduce Your Newborn To Your Dog

Know How to Introduce Your Newborn To Your Dog
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How To Introduce Your Newborn To Your Dog

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Posted on September 28, 2021 at 3:19 pm

The biological explanation

People usually find it amazing to have a pet at the house and they, in fact, share a lovely bond. Dog’s loyalty is what makes them even more close to human’s heart. However, less is known about the physical and emotional bond. Have we ever questioned why we feel the bond with our dogs? Well, the answer is simple. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in both human and dogs when they come close. That is why we find the experience with our dog so pleasant.

The emotional bond

If we keep this biological explanation aside, we can say that we share a bond of trust and love that makes them an important part of our lives. We always wait for the pet of our house to make it a complete home. We have to be aware of the fact that we give them the best quality of living. In fact, it is said that if a child gets to grow up with a dog, the mental and emotional bonding will always be different from others.

Visiting a pet clinic, before the introduction

Therefore helping your child have a bond with your dog can be the best option available. There are a few things that you will have to take care of when you are planning to keep your children with the pets. You will have to take the dog to the nearest animal hospital for all the checkup and grooming done. Speak to your vets so that they can suggest you about the introduction session and how to grow the friendship between the two.

A proper introduction to your child

When you bring your newborn from the hospital you will have to be extra careful about the pets.  You need to introduce your baby to the pet. This is to make sure that they get a proper introduction done. You can get the ring the cloth of your newborn to the pet for the first sniff. This will help them understand and get accustomed to your newborn.

Things you should look out for

While you bring in your dog near to your dog for the first time make sure that he is in leash. It is important that the mother meets the dog alone first. Always remember that your dog is no less than a baby himself and getting anything that might replace him can be threatening for him. Therefore, the mother needs to make him feel secure first. Then the baby can be introduced.
Look out for these behaviour traits:

  1. Biting, pawing, and growling
  2. Pinned-back ears, or tail pointing downward
  3. Trying to mark territory
  4. Other withdrawal behaviours

If you see any of these behaviours it is important to take your baby away from the dog and give him some time to accept your baby.

Building the friendship

Maintain a safe distance between your dog and baby for the first three months. Keep the dog in leash and maintain a distance for the first few days. Let your dog see when you nurture your baby so that he can adapt the behaviour. Never forget to treat your dog when you see a positive behaviour.
Your dog can be the perfect friend of your child only if the introduction is done properly. However, it is important to take him to the best pet clinic to make sure that you get the best solution and that the vaccinations are all done properly.