Maggot – The Deadly Pet Disease

A true story, written by a pet lover
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Maggot – The Deadly Pet Disease

by admin

Posted on September 28, 2021 at 2:49 pm

“My puppy was playing in the backyard and got injured last month. I have 4 other dogs at home and they are great pals together. Somehow the little one got hurt. I used medicine on the wound and he recovered after two days.

One week later, I noticed a bump swelling on the place of his injury. After checking thoroughly, I noticed a small hole and saw a few flies roaming there. Meanwhile, one of my other dogs was very sick and I got busy with him. After a day or two, I realized what I have missed out on. The little puppy had a huge bump and it was badly infested with maggot.

I got really scared. The scare might be a hole but these Maggots are really notorious, they eat on the flesh and seep down eventually eating the muscle and small nerves leaving the dogs bleeding. I got a Gamma BHC, Proflavine Hemisulphate and Cetrimide Spray. On spraying on his body, he got really scared of the spray sound and the pain he felt. But after some time all the maggot larvae came out dead.

This was not the end of the story, I had to use Iodine every day after that to shun the growth of the maggots. It took him two weeks to recover from the injury. Apart from the external medicines, he also has to be given anti-bacterial medicines so as to avoid any infection in the body at all.

This was the story of my puppy recovering from the deadly maggot and he is, by God’s grace, doing better now.”

Emma, a pet lover and old-time visitor of Northgate Animal Hospital

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