Pain Management

Our pain management team can take good care of your pet

Managing the pain of your pets

Your pet might be in agonizingly in pain, but we will make sure that the pain management is done properly. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the market. We do not treat the pet as your but do all the treatment like they are one of ours.

You will never want your dog and cat whining in pain all night. We can help you get the best quality pain management done there are mainly two types of pain, surgical pain and long-term pain. We can take care of both of them. Post surgery pain is huge and therefore, your pet will always need a treatment for the same.

In fact, any pain that is prolonged can be really annoying and therefore, we can make sure that you get the best treatment done.

At Northgate Animal Hospital in Regina, we treat your pets as special as you treat them. If you have any queries, you can call us at (306) 543-7500 and consult with one of our vets in Regina.